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£2 million investment for Moy

Image: Natural gas for Moy, Benburb, Blackwatertown, Charlestown

firmus energy is delighted to announce that homes and businesses in Moy, Benburb, Blackwatertown and Charlestown will be able to switch to the benefits of natural gas in 2016.  Following discussions with the Utility Regulator, firmus has received approval to extend its natural gas network into the area with an investment of around £2 million and the potential to connect around 1,500 homes and businesses

26,000 customers enjoying natural gas

firmus energy’s network already brings natural gas to more than 30 towns and cities across Northern Ireland, including Portadown, Lurgan and Armagh and, to date, around 26,000 customers in the new gas towns are already enjoying the advantages that natural gas provides.

Ciaran Brennan, Project Engineer for firmus energy, said: “During the last ten years, firmus energy has grown steadily and now supplies natural gas through both our own network and the Greater Belfast and Larne network to more than 76,000 residential and commercial customers across Northern Ireland.   

“We have invested around £100 million in the local economy and, working closely with the Utility Regulator, have extended our network into more and more new areas resulting in the construction of upwards of 1,000km of pipeline across the province. 

“These towns and cities previously had no access to natural gas. Customers were quick to recognise the advantages in terms of fuel efficiency, convenience and environmental benefits and it is great to see so many of them now benefitting from making the switch.  The larger industrial businesses in these areas were the first to convert with smaller commercial properties and domestic customers quick to follow suit.”
firmus energy now supplies over 55% of the natural gas consumed1 in Northern Ireland and as a result has displaced upwards of 450,000 tonnes of CO2.  Year on year, the company continues to connect 4,000 new commercial and domestic customers, as the demand for natural gas continues to rise in line with its availability in new areas.  Due to the increasing popularity of the fuel, firmus has already been granted nine extensions for areas outside the original licensed locations, including most recently, Richhill, Moira and Bushmills.

Constant supply of energy

Ciaran continued, “With the convenience of a constant supply of energy, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no need for storage facilities or ordering deliveries of fuel and the ability to pay by direct debit or a pre-payment top up card, natural gas is very appropriate for our modern lifestyles.

“The company is committed to continued investment of around £10 million each year in the Northern Ireland economy through the ongoing development of its natural gas network into provincial areas, creating employment opportunities for around 500 local contractors, installers and agencies,” he added. 

With continued company growth, the local economy will carry on benefiting from reduced CO2 emissions, job creation and fuel choice for an increasing number of properties.    

Connecting to natural gas

If you are interested in connecting to natural gas; enter your postcode on the homepage, and this will take you to our 'Keep me updated' form. Information in our help & advice section on 'connecting to natural gas' can be found there. Need more info? Chat with our friendly team on 0800 032 4567

1 UR Transparency report August 2015

About the Author

Image: Angeline Murphy - firmus energy PR, Sponsorships & Events
Angeline Murphy, Marketing Manager

Angeline Murphy manages all areas of Public Relations, Sponsorships, Events and is the Marketing Manager for firmus energy.


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