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Instant Heat Upgrade For Foyle Street

For the past few weeks the busy bus shelter on Foyle Street has been upgraded to offer commuters instant heat while they wait for the bus. firmus energy installed a hand warmer dispenser to demonstrate in a fun way one of the many benefits of natural gas. At the push of a button, the dispenser released the heat pads providing instant heat for cold passengers waiting for the bus.

firmus energy Managing Director Michael Scott saw this as a light-hearted way to remind residents that natural gas is available in the local area and to consider upgrading to all the benefits of natural gas.Michael says, “Natural gas customers see firmus energy as an upgrade for their home.  I have the opportunity to talk to them on a regular basis, many of whom remark at how quickly the house heats up. firmus energy prides itself in all the benefits that natural gas brings to local residents as well as excellent customer service.  We have ambitious plans to extend our network in the North West throughout 2018 and beyond and of course upgrading more customers to natural gas for the first time.” 

As well as instant heat in the home other benefits of natural gas include; a constant supply of hot water, a new high efficiency boiler, the reassurance that you will never run out of fuel, more space inside and outside the home, new smart temperature controls, new high efficiency natural gas appliances including cookers, real flame fires and natural gas tumble dryers.

Local businesses can also benefit from a quick and easy connection to natural gas with a constant supply of instant heat, no onsite storage and you can reduce your carbon footprint too. Encouraging businesses to consider connecting to natural gas, Londonderry Chamber of Commerce CEO Sinead McLaughlin said, “Businesses can use natural gas to take control of their energy costs and those in hospitality benefit from greater control when cooking on gas rings. It’s important that all business give serious consideration to their energy usage and explore the potential of connecting to natural gas.”

As part of firmus energy’s current “live life” offers until the 15th December domestic customers can save up to 40% off the conversion cost* with the option to either Upgrade Now Pay Later* or spread the costs with 0% APR Representative*. Customers who pay upfront for their conversion will receive £150 cashback*.

For more information call 0800 032 4567 or visit to register your interest.

*Terms & Conditions Apply 


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