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Opt for a life of ease with Natural Gas

With the shorter evenings and plummeting temperatures, we are spending more time snuggled up in our homes with the heating on. It’s the season of comfort and warmth and with natural gas you can be sure of a toasty night in.

firmus energy connect thousands of homes outside greater Belfast to natural gas every year and in total have over 90,000 customers across NI. Angeline Murphy, Marketing Manager for firmus energy explains why homes are making the switch: “I have been working in the natural gas industry for almost ten years and I love hearing the feedback from customers who have made the switch away from oil. The one thing they love is having constant hot water – whenever they need it. Instant heat and ease of cooking is a close second. Personally, my favourite feature is the smart controls and the fact you can turn your heating from your smart phone. The great thing is that if you are out and about, you can boost the heating and always return to a toasty home.”

Opt for a life of ease with natural gas and for a limited time only you can get £200 FREE Gas or spread the cost of your installation with 0% Finance. This winter we are offering one lucky customer the opportunity to win back the cost of your natural gas install – to the value of £2200. Terms & conditions apply, please visit


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