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  • old oil boiler*Price comparison based on the firmus energy Licence area domestic PAYG price of 4.666p/kWh and average price for home heating oil (September 2013 – August 2014) of 5.500p/kWh. Oil price figures taken from the Consumer Council NI Oil Survey which is conducted twice weekly and provides an average representation of the oil prices in NI at any one time. Not every town or supplier is represented. Calculation includes VAT and excludes direct debit discount and installation costs. A new gas boiler is over 90% efficient compared to 70% for an old oil boiler over 15 years old. An operational improvement in efficiency of up to 20% represents an actual fuel saving of more than 25%. Source: SEAI. The cheaper price of natural gas combined with a high efficiency natural gas boiler delivered a saving, over 30% compared to oil prices and an old oil boiler.
  • winter safety tips
  • Image 3*68,173 customers as of 01/04/14
  • Image 3*Discounts in comparison to the standard published unit rates for Airtricity Gas Supply (NI) Limited tariff (excluding direct debit discount) and Airtricity Gas Supply (NI) Limited Pay As You Go tariff. Terms and conditions apply. For more information call 0800 032 4567
  • Image 3*Defra: Carbon Dioxide Emission Factors for UK Energy Use 2010.
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